Monday, September 30, 2002

To begin, a college degree is overrated. Now that just may be because the big "W" is in office right now and the economy is crap, but I work for one of those small businesses that is supposed to save the economy. How can the economy be saved when I do not make enough money to put into the economy? I have a college degree, albeit Liberal Arts, but high school kids get paid more. I swear... Well this weblog is a place for random thoughts, links, fun stuff to do while you are at work, political rantings, and me at if you have any hate mail...or if by chance you get a kick out of my musings. Welcome, make yourself at home and enjoy the ride. In conclusion, I take no responsibility for stupid people...
Ok, so I could not end there...this is my first go at the Blog. I liked doing the straight html that takes up space all over the internet, but once I saw the beauty of the Blog...well I was hooked...or at least I thought it would be fun to try. I really like to write and its good not to deal with all of the html.

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