Monday, October 27, 2003

"If I hide myself wherever I go am I ever really there?"

Well then, another eventful weekend of studying! Boy how I love being a student again! (I do actually, but I forgot how it can be to not really have a weekend).

So the quote above is from a song on the new Barenaked Ladies CD Everything for Everyone. The song is called "For You". BnL has just outdone themselves with this new CD. It is their best since Gordon by far. It is a little more mellow than their previous releases, but it still has some good fun and some good introspection. I am excited because they will be in Denver over Thanksgiving...which may mean BNL Concert!! YAY!!! That would be sweet.

On another music note, Mandy Moore's Coverage is also quite good. Her voice is so good, and she is a little, um, more respectable than her teen pop peers. But I like her because she can sing and with this CD and her songs on A Walk to Remember she has sung songs that are really good. We all can have our guilty music pleasures right??

I should get back to editing my paper that is due tomorrow.

Before I go, here is a question, for those who read feel free to answer:
What would you say to a Christian who feels more comfortable around "non-Christians" than "Christians"?

...oh yeah...way to go Marlins!

Friday, October 24, 2003

It is almost here, that special time of the year

No, I am not talking about the 7th game of the World Series (Go Marlins by the way) and I am not talking about getting that extra hour on Sunday (although I am quite happy for that too!), I am talking about Halloween. Yes, I will admit it, I am a HUGE fan of Halloween. I have already watched two of my three favorite Halloween movies: The Halloween Tree and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Hopefully I will have some time between writing a paper and studying for a midterm to watch the third, Sleepy Hollow (the Tim Burton version). Most of my fascination does not come from the candy, the trick or treating, the supernatural or anything like that. I am mostly fascinated by Halloween because the culture of the holiday. By that I mean the reason why it is celebrated. When you get right down to it Halloween is about our (the human race) obsession with death. We fear death, and one way that we feel we can overcome this fear is by celebrating a holiday where we dress up as ghosts, monsters, witches, former U.S. Presidents, etc… Now if you ask most people who still celebrate Halloween I’d doubt that they would give the answer that I just mentioned, but I think that the roots of Halloween lie in that obsession. In regards to this, one of my life travel goals is to go to Mexico for a Day of the Dead Celebration (yes, I know its not technically Halloween, but the concept is quite similar).

I know I may be stepping out on a limb, but I don’t really think that Halloween has much to do with the occult nowadays. I know that Halloween can be traced back to Pagan times, but I think that the whole occult connection is more about people worrying about a connection with the occult than anything else. I don’t think that celebrating Halloween is an un-Christian thing to do. I don’t think celebrating Halloween leads children into the occult. I am not a religious scholar, nor am I Christian theologian, but I really have a tough time with understanding why one would be some militantly against the holiday. As long as you are well informed and you discuss the roots and traditions of the holiday with your children, I think it can be a fun time.

Anyway, before I ramble on too much, I will end with one thing: the new Barenaked Ladies album is out and I for one am going to enjoy it as soon as the new music graces my ears (and the money leaves my wallet) tomorrow. :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

"I am so not cool"
First things first... a couple of weeks ago Michelle began Project Mail-a-thon. Today I found in the mail a beautiful handmade postcard with the famous line from Frost's poem "Two roads divereged in a wood, and I took the onle less traveled by, and that has made all the difference". Behind the words are four b/w pictures of various roads. It is very cool! It definetely adds to my recent fascination with country roads. Thank you Michelle. If anyone wants to participate in this quickly growing movement feel free to email me or visit Michelle

Ok, so why do I say that I am not cool. Its obvious, never in my life have I been a "cool kid". I am ok with this. I am actually ok with the term "nerd". I am a nerd, there is no doubt about that. I like to read, I like to study, I love to learn, etc...However, I am not a geek (which would be equally as good as a nerd, but I am just not a geek). I am not a dork either, but thats ok to be as well. Just remember us nerds rock...not being cool means I am secure with who I am. There is more...but I just cannot put it into words right now. I just wanted to make it known that I am not cool and I am very ok with that. :-)

**Update 12:42am 10/23/03**
Common stereotypes about nerds (a sub-section of the "un-cool")
- few friends
- friends are only nerds (or dorks, geeks, etc...)
- more online friends than offline
- only enjoy "un-cool" things (i.e. D&D, Star Trek, Pogs, etc...)
- don't enjoy sports (or consider academics a "sport")
- don't date
Ok, you all get the idea. I guess what I am trying to say is its ok to be yourself. We don't need to strive to be "cool". Personally, if I had to stop reading Harry Potter books because its not a cool thing to do when you are 23 years old I wouldn't want to be cool. I just think to myself, Jesus was okay with not being cool. If there is any person I'd most want to be like it would be Jesus. So we as the "un-cool" are in some darn good company if I do say so myself.

So ends my ramblings on being "un-cool". Thank you and have a nice day.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I question things to maintain my sanity
So life has been a little crazy lately. I am really stressed out. I have a lot on my plate and I just don't feel I have time to relax. I know I have probably relaxed a little too much, but it seems like I've not relaxed much at all. What I do know is that I need to get my act together, kick it in to gear and start studying all hardcore like. I hope I am up for the test!

In one of my three classes we are discussing student development and theories about student development. During a presentation on the development of homosexual students, and the development of students in regards to their beliefs on homosexuality I came to a few questions. I don't know the answers, and I don't really have any ideas of what their answers are. For those who may happen to read this, if you have any insight let me know.

1) Of sins which are the worst?
2) If homosexuality is to be considered a sin, where does it rank on the list? Is it worse or better than say gambling or drunkeness? Are these things sins?
3) If we cannot blame someone for being bi-polar how can we blame someone for being homosexual?
4) Is one "race/ethnicity" of people more open and tolerant than another? If that is true, which one?
5) Do we have to continue defining people by race, are we not all humans?
6) If Jesus died for all humans, how can someone say one human is worth more than another? Is God's grace too good for some people?

I don't expect answers to these questions anytime in the near future, but these are things I have thought about. I think my questions may seem childlike in nature, but if I don't know the answers I am not going to say that I do. By asking these questions all I am doing is asking questions. I am not making any points, or stating any of my beliefs, I am just curious.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

I am going from one busy week to the next. Not a whole lot of time to slow down. I am excited though that my brother came to Arkansas this week. Hopefully the Hogs will beat Florida so it makes it even more fun ;P. Anyway, I think I will write more later, or whenever I have the time this weekend. Until then I guess I will let the craziness continue.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Back for more
I am back in Arkansas after a fantastic trip to Durango. I really did not want to leave, but alas I have my first midterm tomorrow so I guess I had no choice. Although leaving Jenn this morning was probably one of the single hardest things I have ever done in my life. We did have a lot of fun...we participated in the homecoming activities, went out on the town with some friends ate at my favorite place in the world, and saw School of Rock to mention a few things. Anyway, the flights went as well as they could of. I am still sketched on the whole flying thing though.

With that said, now I must get back to studying.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I always get nervous the night before I travel. Tonight (or this morning) is no different. When I know I am driving the next day it is an excited nervous because I love to drive. When I am flying the next day it is a very scared and anxious nervous because I hate to fly. I don't know why I don't like to fly, I used to enjoy it....Unfortunately for my nerves I am flying tomorrow. I am very excited about my destination, I am going to Durango and I am going to see Jenn and alot of my other friends whom I've not seen in almost 3 months. But, I am flying. I cannot seem to get over my fear. I know I must hand it over to God, but my mind is having trouble listening to my heart on this issue. I have been praying to get over this fear, and I will continue to do so.

On another note, I finished my paper!!! The next big thing is a midterm on Tuesday. I've already begun studying for this bad boy, so no huge procrastinations this time.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Graduate School Attacks Me or why I procrastinate
Here it is the night before my first paper of my graduate school career is due. Wow, and I used to enjoy working on papers at the last minute. I pledge that this is last time I do it. (I hear the echo of the immortal words of one Homer J. Simpson, "don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow"). Ok, thats it for now.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Books and Music
One thing that I have always been mindful of when I have been in school is reading for pleasure and listening to music. These two things help keep my stress level manageable. I am probably reading more for school now than I ever have. I enjoy reading about higher education, student development and student affairs, but its not enough. I need something to read for pleasure's sake. Currently I am reading Posers, Fakers, and Wannabes: Unmasking the Real You by Brennan Manning and Jim Hancock. Its been really good so far. I cannot really describe the book, but the title says the important things. I am also reading the e-book Wisdom of the Sadhuby Sadhu Sundar Singh. It is amazing and thought provoking so far. I am almost finished with the new Al Franken book. I cannot read it while I am eating or drinking something because its too funny to hold in the food ;P.

For my listening pleasure I have been listening to a few different CD's regularly. The first is Some Devil from Dave Matthews. I am a pretty new Dave Matthews fan. I like this CD much more than his Dave Matthews Band CDs. On regular rotation as well is Play from Moby. Moby's music has always been the soundtrack of the tough times in my life. Now is no different. Play has some of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Lastly Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits: Disc One has been a regular listen. I love BNL, they have fun and make great music. Although the songs that have gotten the most listens have been the slow thoughtful songs.

I really felt like writing a post about books and music tonight. A little off the normal genre of posts, but its all good. Thats the beauty of the blog.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Happy October!!
It is my favorite month of the year, I am so excited. I just hope I don't let it slip away like last year. Question: Now that I am in a new place with new people is it acceptable to use the same Halloween costume two years in a row?? Especially when the name of the costume is "Not so slim shady". Anyway, it is almost officially Autumn. The weather is getting cooler and the leaves will soon be turning, it will be interesting to see the leaves turn in a place that has more than just evergreens and aspen. Not to say that Aspen aren't the most beautiful trees... but it will be fun.