Friday, October 03, 2003

Books and Music
One thing that I have always been mindful of when I have been in school is reading for pleasure and listening to music. These two things help keep my stress level manageable. I am probably reading more for school now than I ever have. I enjoy reading about higher education, student development and student affairs, but its not enough. I need something to read for pleasure's sake. Currently I am reading Posers, Fakers, and Wannabes: Unmasking the Real You by Brennan Manning and Jim Hancock. Its been really good so far. I cannot really describe the book, but the title says the important things. I am also reading the e-book Wisdom of the Sadhuby Sadhu Sundar Singh. It is amazing and thought provoking so far. I am almost finished with the new Al Franken book. I cannot read it while I am eating or drinking something because its too funny to hold in the food ;P.

For my listening pleasure I have been listening to a few different CD's regularly. The first is Some Devil from Dave Matthews. I am a pretty new Dave Matthews fan. I like this CD much more than his Dave Matthews Band CDs. On regular rotation as well is Play from Moby. Moby's music has always been the soundtrack of the tough times in my life. Now is no different. Play has some of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Lastly Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits: Disc One has been a regular listen. I love BNL, they have fun and make great music. Although the songs that have gotten the most listens have been the slow thoughtful songs.

I really felt like writing a post about books and music tonight. A little off the normal genre of posts, but its all good. Thats the beauty of the blog.

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