Tuesday, March 30, 2004


This week I am attending my first national professional conference. Fortunately it is in my favorite town...aka...my hometown of Denver. The conference I am attending is a Student Affairs/Higher Education conference. It has been great so far, but I do not believe I've ever been so darn tired at the end of the day. It is worth it though...

*OUT* from D-Town...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Gotta love Spring, some pictures, and a book

Ok, so this picture does not represent spring in the least bit (it does show highway 550, a glimpse of the New Mexican high desert and an SUV from Oklahoma in front of us). But it at least got you focused. But seriously... I posted some pictures of last week at Spring Break Pictures. I will post more when I get the opportunity.

Anyway... I had a great time, the weather was fantastic and I got to spend much time with Jenn (I did not want to leave) and some of my good friends. I also got to see a church service for Matthew's House. It was great to see how it has evolved...there were some 20+ people at the service, which is awesome since the first service was only in January.

I also played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD...which was sweet. It is a great game for those who know far too much about pop culture and other such nonsense.

The final "event" of last week for me including my reading of The Da Vinci Code. I really enjoyed the book...do I believe everything in it? No, its fiction, it is supposed to be entertaining and it was. Did it shatter my faith? No, its fiction and if one fiction book would change my life it would not have been this one and it would have taken much longer than a week to do so. Sophie's World and The Story of B had pretty big impacts on my life, but I only realized that months after reading them. However, neither book shattered my faith (or lack thereof at that time).

It seems as if a lot happened in the world last week. I am still in the dark about much of it. But I do think that many times it is very nice to get away from it all...just for a couple days.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Back to Business

I am back Arkansas. I will post a couple pictures from the trip when I get the opportunity. I am leaving again for a conference this weekend, so I will get it done before then.

Going back this time, I realized how much I love Colorado. It was so pretty and seemed so "fresh" as opposed to muggy which I experienced as I pulled into Amarillo, TX. If there is one place that is not pretty in this country, it is Amarillo. I find beauty in most places I have ever been, but it is just so FLAT! Kansas is not that flat...and stuff grows in Kansas.

Ok, that is enough of my rant on places...

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Rocky Mountain High

The weekend is almost here and that means the start of Spring Break. One of the finest joys about being in school again. Next week I will be headed for some cool mountain air in SW Colorado. I may not get the opportunity to post, but hopefully I will be armed with some neat pictures when I get back.

It will be a nice change of scenery and a nice opportunity for a break!

Thank God for the opportunities He has provided me in life.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

What was bad for Bill is okay for George

So what is the deal here? Bush gets away with things that Clinton was hounded on. Where is the Liberal media when we need them? Oh...that's right...the media is NOT Liberal. Rather, the media does what it is encouraged to do.
From Yahoo! News: Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests

Not to mention VP Cheney giving US Supreme Court Justice Scalia rides in Air Force 2. We all know that if Al Gore did that with a Justice the thunder would have come down hard against him.

Maybe its just things like this that our government can do in "times of war".

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Christian Blogging

For all of you who are Christian Bloggers, please visit Michelle and fill out her survey about Christian bloggers for her Master's Thesis if you have not done so already :-). I know she would appreciate it :-). Here is the link Michelle's Survey
Gay Marriage Issue, pt. 2

"Why can't we be as kind and generous in interpreting the Bible for homosexuals as we are for ourselves?" - Lorence Wenke, Michigan State Representative (Republican) from the Kalamazoo Gazette

This state rep brings up from very interesting points. I suggest reading this article for a unique view of this issue.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Who has two thumbs and likes to ramble late at night? This guy!

I hate late nights. I think of the problems of the world, I think of the problems of others and I think of my own problems. I dwell on issues I have no control over and I dwell not on those I have control of. I discuss what is best for me, yet I deny the obvious answer, sleep. For years I’ve seemed to be plagued by this insomnia. I know not if it is self-inflicted, or if it really is biological. Despite that knowledge I still sit, awake, aware and mostly aching. My primary purpose at this point in my life is school. But how can I remember the characteristics of the Middle Ages Cathedral schools when I question why I am here in Arkansas?

In a faraway room, right next door the dull roar of the long forgotten hum haunts my insomnia. I know the tune, yet it seems to be off, just a little. I whistle back and the noise stops. I wake up from a dream and my alarm clock screams. I do not even remember if I was asleep at all.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Thoughts in my head before class

This decency on TV issue has gone way too far. Are we to regress back to the days when a married couple on TV slept in different beds?

All the events that happened in the past led me to be in the position in life that I currently am in. If I am pretty happy where I am right now, why do I still regret things I’ve done or did not do?

Does it seem odd to anyone else that The Passion of the Christ grossed as much as it did this weekend? I do not have a problem with the movie itself as I've not seen it. However, I tend to think that the Jesus from the Bible was not big on materialism...

Is being altruistic or idealistic an outdated dream?

If Stimpy from "Ren and Stimpy" is always getting hairballs, yet he has full use of his hands, why does he not use a brush?