Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Gotta love Spring, some pictures, and a book

Ok, so this picture does not represent spring in the least bit (it does show highway 550, a glimpse of the New Mexican high desert and an SUV from Oklahoma in front of us). But it at least got you focused. But seriously... I posted some pictures of last week at Spring Break Pictures. I will post more when I get the opportunity.

Anyway... I had a great time, the weather was fantastic and I got to spend much time with Jenn (I did not want to leave) and some of my good friends. I also got to see a church service for Matthew's House. It was great to see how it has evolved...there were some 20+ people at the service, which is awesome since the first service was only in January.

I also played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD...which was sweet. It is a great game for those who know far too much about pop culture and other such nonsense.

The final "event" of last week for me including my reading of The Da Vinci Code. I really enjoyed the book...do I believe everything in it? No, its fiction, it is supposed to be entertaining and it was. Did it shatter my faith? No, its fiction and if one fiction book would change my life it would not have been this one and it would have taken much longer than a week to do so. Sophie's World and The Story of B had pretty big impacts on my life, but I only realized that months after reading them. However, neither book shattered my faith (or lack thereof at that time).

It seems as if a lot happened in the world last week. I am still in the dark about much of it. But I do think that many times it is very nice to get away from it all...just for a couple days.

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