Monday, October 27, 2003

"If I hide myself wherever I go am I ever really there?"

Well then, another eventful weekend of studying! Boy how I love being a student again! (I do actually, but I forgot how it can be to not really have a weekend).

So the quote above is from a song on the new Barenaked Ladies CD Everything for Everyone. The song is called "For You". BnL has just outdone themselves with this new CD. It is their best since Gordon by far. It is a little more mellow than their previous releases, but it still has some good fun and some good introspection. I am excited because they will be in Denver over Thanksgiving...which may mean BNL Concert!! YAY!!! That would be sweet.

On another music note, Mandy Moore's Coverage is also quite good. Her voice is so good, and she is a little, um, more respectable than her teen pop peers. But I like her because she can sing and with this CD and her songs on A Walk to Remember she has sung songs that are really good. We all can have our guilty music pleasures right??

I should get back to editing my paper that is due tomorrow.

Before I go, here is a question, for those who read feel free to answer:
What would you say to a Christian who feels more comfortable around "non-Christians" than "Christians"?

...oh yeah...way to go Marlins!

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