Sunday, November 02, 2003

El Dia De Los Muertos

Another Halloween has passed and the world now seems a bit quieter. Once Halloween passes it seems to me that winter is now upon us. Halloween has always been the official end to autumn for me, although I know that technically that is not the case. I believe today is the official Day of the Dead or El Dia De Los Muertos. Like Halloween, the Day of the Dead has always been a holiday that absolutely fascinates me. I think I can trace much of my fascination of Halloween and El Dia de Los Muertos to various short stories by Ray Bradbury. He is the only author I have ever read where I truly feel that I am in the story. Since many of his stories deal with Halloween or at least a hint of the supernatural, I am sure this assisted my fascination.

Today I took a drive through some of the most beautiful mountains I have seen in Arkansas. This part of the Ozarks are called the Boston Mountains. I guess these are the most “rugged” of the mountains in the Ozarks. I also drove through historic Van Buren, Arkansas. In one sense Van Buren, like many small American towns I’ve come across in my limited travels, can be considered to be “Main Street America” off the top of my head Hays, KS in my opinion is also “Main Street America”. I think it would be awesome to travel to small towns, meet some of the locals and then write about the town.

Well then, I believe it is time to go, after sitting in front of the TV watching the marathon 5 hour football game between the Razorbacks and the U of Kentucky I think my brain is a little fried. Thank goodness the Hogs won.

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