Monday, November 17, 2003

Paper time once again

Always with the papers. I'er a week go by without a paper due. Oh well. It will get done. Why? Because it has to. However, I have been noticing that this is the first time in a long time that my level of stress and anxiety have been affecting my health. I definetely need to change that. I am drinking a lot less coffee and trying to eat more veggies and fewer carbs and fats and sugars. I got to do it this time.

Currently I am reading Raggamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. This book is absolutely amazing. I've never heard grace explained so well. Reading this book has really made me feel that I am not alone with sometimes being "down in the dumps" and unsure about things. I guess I needed some reassuring that it is ok to be a Christian and not be perfect. Now, I don't believe that according to the Bible one must be perfect to be a Christian. Christ did not hang out with the "perfect" kids, he hung out with the skaters, drunks, nerds, geeks, punks, hobos, hippies and other assorted "un-cultured". As I've already mentioned, I fit more into the groups of people that Jesus hung out with, than your typical "TV Christian" (i.e. those who are/play Christians on TV). Yup, I have faults and I sin (even though you may be saying to yourself, "Jake, you do no such thing!"). Am I proud of these things? No, (well I do enjoy some of my faults...i.e. slacking off can be loads of fun...especially on a night like to tonight when I have a paper due tomorrow). However, I can be sure that God loves me despite my slackishness. He loves me despite the mistakes I make, or when I feel as if I want to curl up in my bed all day because I am depressed. As long as I remember that He is there for me always. As long as I remember to turn to Him (though I may forget sometimes). But in all reality what matters is that the Grace of God belongs to all of us who want it and even those who do not. Ok, that is probably enough rambling nonsense.

On another note, this weekend I saw Matrix: Revolutions. I liked it better than the Reloaded but not as much as the original. I also watched The Truman Show for the first time in a long time. I think Jim Carrey is an amazing actor, and I think the movie makes a really great point. Especially now in our world of "reality tv".

...back to the paper...

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