Monday, November 24, 2003

The Night Before, Pt. 1

It seems like a bad television show that keeps replaying the same old crappy re-run. Alas, it is something even more horrifying (at least to me). That is that I have yet another paper due tomorrow (or today rather). Graduate school (in regards to classes) has seemed to be all papers. Now, I know that is not exactly true, but in many ways it is not. Looking back on my first semester (or at least 4/5 of it) I can say that I wish I would not have taken 9 credits (3 classes), but rather opted to take 6 credits (2 classes). I should have been thinking “Jake, you are in a new place, you are working 20+ hours a week, and you have been out of school for over a year, so you should take it a little slow your first semester”. Instead I was thinking “Jake, it is school, you like school, you don’t need to adjust, you can do what you have always done and work 20+ hours a week”. I am lost as to my reasoning last August. Oh well, my paper (and I still have 2 due after this one) will get done on time because they have to get done.

In an effort to see where my time went today, I present the following timeline of today’s activities in order to prevent procrastination like this in the future. As for today, I had an eventful day. First, I slept a little late knowing that the library opens up at noon. With that knowledge I allowed myself some quality time vegging before getting to work. Promptly at 1:00pm I went to the library where I got some quality research and reading done. At 3:45pm I decided I needed a break and went to the Union to talk with some of my classmates about the plans for later on in the night (we will get to that in part 2). After about a half an hour of shooting the breeze we all decided we needed to get back to work on our respective papers. After then I went to my office to catch up on a few things for tomorrow and hopefully begin writing my paper. What happened when I got to my office? You guessed it, I did not begin my paper, but I did get some catching up done. At around 4:45pm I went back home to get ready for the night’s activities and hopefully get started on my paper (yet again). To no avail I did not start my paper, but this time I really did not expect to.

More to come later during my next writing break…

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