Monday, November 24, 2003

The Night Before, Pt. 2

A continuation of the aforementioned issue (or something to that extent)…

As 5:30 quickly approached I had to get ready for a dinner outing with some of my classmates celebrating the debate to be held later in the evening between Al Franken and Ben Stein. At 5:30 two of my classmates showed up and we left for the Chinese buffet. After the fulfilling meal at 6:30pm we drove up to campus to get in line for the debate. It was very cold outside and we had to wait for around 15 minutes before we could get in to get our seats. At about 6:50pm the doors were opened and we quickly got seats up near the front of the arena so we could better see the debaters. At approximately 7:23pm the university’s Jazz ensemble began playing (about 8 minutes later than scheduled). After a 45 minute set the debate finally began (after the re-arranging of the stage and introductions of course). The debate of current political issues fused with much humor went on until approximately 10:10pm. At this time, one of my classmates and I said goodbye to our fellows and proceeded over to the stage to meet Ben Stein and the man, the myth and the legend who is Al Franken. After waiting in line (or in an Arkansas line) we finally got to meet Ben Stein and then Al Franken. Mr. Stein was slightly amused that a Coloradoan was in Arkansas studying higher education nonetheless. Mr. Franken made fun of something or other that I did and this made me nervous, but made me laugh as well. At about 10:30pm we left the building and proceeded to my car (through the freezing parking lot). At 10:50 I arrived home after chatting with my classmate for a few minutes and then driving home. I “warmed” my brain up with some 20 minutes of computer games and then proceeded at 11:10 to begin the process of writing my paper. Some six hours later I have the bulk of the paper written in pen in my notebook now to be transferred to this little black box in front of me.

So ends the saga of the Night Before. Hopefully my procrastination on papers will end here and now, and in the future I will begin papers earlier than I have recently.

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