Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How Absurd!?!

From Think Progress, The Bush Administration Was For Amnesty International Before It Was Against It.

It makes sense, really. Amnesty International is a great organization, but, you know, sometimes they just make a mistake with their reports. Especially when the people reporting the abuses hate America.

I am sure that the POWs in Vietnam, or from any other war loved their captors. I bet that the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps and the Soviet gulags also loved their captors, even though they reported the abuses that they endured while at these places. These people certainly did not hate their captors, because then their reports of abuses would be biased. And that just wouldn't be right, not to mention, unAmerican.

/end sarcasm

I am in no way comparing the Guantanamo Bay "prison camp" with the Soviet gulags or Nazi concentration camps. However, I am also not saying that G Bay is a wonderful place to stay, if you are a "guest" (remember, those at G Bay are not prisoners of war or political prisoners). If you listen to the actual statement by GW Bush about the AI report, you will think you are watching a bad Western movie and the Sheriff is telling the townsfolk that the bank robbers are lying when they say that they overheard plans by some of the townsfolk to have the them lynched. The Sheriff believes that the report is absurd because the bank robbers hate the town, and so they are lying about the lynching plot.

We Americans are such Lemmings.

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