Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Moving of the Cheese

In less than a week I will no longer be living in this state. I will no longer be living in the south. In less than a week I will be back “out west”, although a little further than west than I have lived before. Although this blog is by no means anonymous, I do wish to keep a few things a little more unknown to the random blog visitor. For that reason, I am not really up for revealing where I am heading off to.

The move is exciting, both personally and professionally. It will give me a chance to start fresh, and will provide more opportunities for Jenn than she had here, and best of all, we will be living in a real city.

Its funny, only in the end of our time here were we able to realize the support structure we had. Part of me understands that when the end comes, people you know will go out of there way to do things with you that they never would have before. When the end is indefinite there is always tomorrow. It has been a very interesting time to reflect on the last three years. I am not the same as I was three years ago. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see someone who I never thought I would be. I am pretty happy with the person I am now, but I never did expect this.

It may be a while before another post, but I will be back as soon as I get settled.


Leah said...

He and Jenn are not moving to my city. :(

BG said...

Hey dude, I'm glad you're not the same as you were 3 years ago... you now look 15, not 12 years old! hehe

Hey you have to look at my blog because now thanks to myspace i can put VIDEO ON MY BLOG.

i'm excited.

michelle said...

Congratulations on the big move (and I assume big job?)! Hope everything goes smoothly with the transition to another part of the country, the upheaval of things from one place to another.

P.S. I'm moving soon too... can't wait (no announcement on the blog yet though, hush hush).

Such good things in store. :)