Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life and Times

I am still trying to get into a routine. To those who read on a somewhat regular basis, I apologize for the sporadic posting.

Moving and starting a new job is a difficult transition. This is the third such transition for me in my life. Each one has presented different obstacles and trials, but have been difficult nonetheless. This transition has been of particular stress because of a variety of things. 1) We spent a week here before we were able to find a place to live. 2) My job is very time consuming, and I started the day we moved into our place. 3) Jenn has been struggling to find a job that is in education, pays well, and that she is not over qualified for. 4) We are attempting to solidify a social network early on in our time here. 5) We had never been to this city before, everything is new. 6) We are trying to grieve our move and at the same time emotionally move ourselves away from the things we did not like about ourselves in Arkansas. 7) Move on from my old job. I had a really good friend from long before Arkansas get the job I just left. Its difficult to think that this person is now where I was, working with the people I worked with, and seems to be having a better go at some of the aspects of the job than I did. Despite all of the obstacles, we are still very happy to be here, and love this city.

I don't like the difficulty of transistions. But fortunately for me, most of the people I work with are in a very similar situation. It makes things easier for me, but still does not make it easy. I am thankful for my job. Just a couple days ago, I went to a speaker who was talking about incorporating humor into the work place. He asked the attendees to think about the things at work that stress them out. I am so fortunate that right now, and for the first time I can remember, the only thing that stresses me is out is that I have a lot do, and am not really sure how to get it done. This is the best stress I can imagine having right now.

I enjoy being this age and being able to learn from my past experiences. I am hoping to take this opportunity to regain the things about me that I have forgotten, to live a life of someone my age, and to make new friends while re-building bridges to old friends. So I guess this is the official start to a new chapter in my life.


Drina said...

Jake, I have this theory that even people who really, really like lots of change get stressed out when they're forced to adapt to new places. homes, people, jobs... Everyone says that starting over is refreshing, but it's also hard. I hope in the next few months things get easier and that Jenn finds the job she's looking for.

Drina said...

Ayayay, was it out of commission for that long? I'm sorry about that hiccup, I didn't know anything about it until you emailed me. If ever you notice anything funny, just let me know and if I can't fix it myself I'll yell at my hosting company and they'll fix it :D

I'm very glad you're back up and running

Drina said...

Okay, so I totally posted that last comment on the wrong blog. What the hell is wrong with me?? I kept refreshing thinking, where is my comment?????? And of course it's not there. It's here. Sorry about that... yeah.