Friday, May 14, 2004


Where I go in life from this point on will be an adventure. Here it is almost 1:30 in the morning. Last week I completed my first school year of graduate school. As cliche as it is, I must say it went more quickly than I thought it would. I have made a few new friends, have had a few really great (and not so great) experiences, I have begun my career, I have been away from my family in times of hardship (not the first time), I have been away from Jenn and I have had an incredible amount of time to think. I cannot change the past, and this is why I do not regret my decision to go to graduate school and to go 1000 miles away from the people and place I have known for the last five years.

It was a big step, probably the biggest in my life up to this point. There will be bigger, but I cannot imagine or predict the future, that is only known by God. I am very optimistic about the future. I am very hopeful about the future. However, I am scared of the future. I do not know what hurdles lie ahead. I must keep the faith and keep on going. Stopping or trying to turn around is much worse than facing what is ahead of me, I am sure about that.

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