Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We're Back!

So vacation is over, and work has been pretty busy since then. We are in the process of hiring our new boss, so that has been pretty interesting.

Vacation was wonderful! We had such a great time.

The whole trip is highlights, but some of the really cool things:

- Miller Brewing Company: Jenn and I have completed the tri-fecta tour of major breweries here in the US. The best was the AB (read Budweiser) brewery in St. Louis, than a close second is Miller in Milwaukee and a distant third, as much as I hate to say this being from Colorado and all, Coors in Golden, CO. Coors offers more samples, but they lack on the atmosphere and description of history.
- The family reunion...particularly the softball game...longish story here...
- Visiting LeahJ in Chicago. We had a wonderful time, and Jenn swears we are moving there next.
- Visiting University of Notre Dame except for the two guys who tried to run me over with their golf cart.
- Hanging out with Jenn's dad and little sister in Ohio.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up here at some point or another.

Anyway...we also saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love Tim Burton movies and this was no exception. Do not expect to see a remake of the movie from the 70's with Gene Wilder. This is a different movie. Yes, there are similarities, but Burton includes more of the book (like the songs that Roald Dahl wrote in the book), and includes his own flare for the wacky.

I also did purchase the new Harry Potter book. Because of work and the fact that I am still catching up on sleep I am not as far along with it as I would like to far so good!


Anonymous said...

Ah Ha! Then I did my job! I properly displayed Chicago as the land of Milk & Honey... or something like that.

Cheif Hefie said...

Oklahoma is the land of milk and honey. :P

I knows what happens in the new book and i ain't read it nor will i.

Jake said...

Leah - Yeah, you did a wonderful job! Jenn has been constantly speaking of the wonders of Chicago. I think she'd move there now if she could ;-)

Jeff - thats lame. Its not just about what happens, but about the story as a whole. I could have also found out without buying the book, but that would be lazy. Reading the entire story is at least half of the fun.

Thames said...

I'm sorry I missed you! I would've loved to meet you, but I didn't end-up passing through your area when you were around!

Next time...

Jake said...

Thames- Its a bummer, I wish our trips had not coincided with one another. I am glad to hear that your trip is going well.

Take Care, and hopefully I can make it up to Western Canada sometime!

Drina said...

I've been looking forward to seeing Charlie and the Chocolate factory, but I'm such a big fan of the first movie that I'm afraid of being disappointed. I heard Johnny Depp was weird.