Thursday, July 28, 2005

The World's Largest Retailer is at it again

I saw this on Buzzflash today:

Here's why you can't buy the News Journal at Wal-Mart from the Pensacola News Journal.

The WLR is so fickle. They won't sell a newspaper because a columnist was harsh towards them. That is ridiculous...but I guess that is what you get from a store who won't sell unedited music cds, but has no problem selling violent video games (Grand Theft Auto) or movies with foul langauge and sexuality (8mm, Wild Things).

Obviously the issue is money, they can get away not selling a newspaper because they don't make much money off of it. If they did not sell violent video games, that would definitely hurt their business. I am just glad to see that there values show through, money really is more important than free speech, and money is more important than traditional values. It amazes me that since I have lived in Wally World for the past 2 years, I've never heard of a conservative religious group boycotting them and the "filth" that they sell (that is supposed to be sarcastic).


Matthew Jones said...

If you took just about everything that's wrong with America and wrapped it up into a bundle you would have Wal-Mart.

Cheif Hefie said...

whats the matter with GTA San Andreas. I see no problem with it. but then again i don't care what people do.

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