Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Propagapalloza 2005!

From The Age as seen on Raw Story, Pentagon announces September 11 concert: "The Pentagon would hold a massive march and country music concert to mark the fourth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in an announcement tucked into an Iraq war briefing today.

"This year the Department of Defence will initiate an America Supports Your Freedom Walk," Rumsfeld said, adding that the march would remind people of "the sacrifices of this generation and of each previous generation".

The march will start at the Pentagon, where nearly 200 people died on September 11, 2001, and end at the National Mall with a show by country star Clint Black."

Here is the official website - Freedom Walk

- First, this announcement was "tucked into" a briefing about the war in Iraq...what in the world? Because we have so many links between Iraq and 9/11/01 right?
- Second, since when did the Dept. of Defense get into the concert promotion business? Clear Channel is going to be furious! (note the sarcasm).
- Third, who are we remebering? The victims of 9/11 or the soldiers in Iraq? I am so confused.
- Fourth, if there is going to be country music there better be a tractor pull or monster trucks! (just needed to add that, I have nothing against country music or tractor pulls or monster trucks).
- Finally, so we as taxpayers of the US are going to pay for a concert?? An event were its not even clear what it is really about. Wouldn't that money be better spent on something real? Something not so propaganda like? Heck, doesn't social security need to be fixed or something? Or better yet, lets use that money to buy armor for our troups in the Middle East...I am sure they would rather have armor that could saves their lives, more than America wants to see Clint Black (once again, nothing against Clint Black). Honestly, the website for the event talks about honoring "our veterans past and present". I'd rather honor our present veterans by bringing them home, or at least giving them things that would help them survive.

Can you tell I think this is a LAME idea?

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Drina said...

This concert is in such poor taste. The victims of 9/11 deserve something a little better than a country music show.