Sunday, May 18, 2003

I am now only a few days away from my 23rd birthday. I always thought that 21 was far away when I was in High School. I don't think I ever thought about being 23. It is a little worriesome that I am only eligible to be on MTV's The Real World for another year (not that I would ever be on it...see I have a theory...nevermind). Anyway... I know I am not "old". I would never say that. But, I am in a wierd place. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood. I've graduated from College...and worked a year...but I am not really any closer to my career than I was 5 years ago. It is nothing to be saddened about, but it is just an observation I've been dwelling on for a while. I do not consider myself an adult just yet. I am not wholly financially independent, I still watch cartoon's and "kid tv shows" (if you have never seen any of the following, I would highly suggest watching them: Rocket Power and Wild Thornberrys on NICK and Even Stevens on the Disney Channel), I read the Harry Potter Books and I still dream of being in an episode of the "classic" Nick show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". On the other hand I have bills to pay, I have a job to be responsible for, I have a serious relationship to maintain, and I enjoy a good beer and a nice cigar every so often. Maybe it is a good thing that I don't see myself as an adult just yet.

Maybe I should stop rambling on.

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