Saturday, January 03, 2004

A Hope for a Happy 2004

Once again it is that time when one has to remember to write 2004 on checks. The change in the year typically happens just as I am getting used to writing the previous year. It is so wierd to write or even think about 2004. 2004 feels like the future. (No I am not on crack...I swear).

What will 2004 bring? I think that is the question in the minds of almost everyone. By 2005 what will have changed? These ideas got me thinking back to the movie Big Fish (see previous entry). Albert Finney's character in the movie says at one point in the movie that it is was good knowing how he was going to die because he knew that he knew he could get through any challenge or situation that was not the one in which he was in. However, we can go on living with this same attitude while not knowing how we will die...because we aren't getting out of life alive...

The next 364 days will reveal to us what will happen... I don't really have a New Year's Resolution, but I do want to live my life better...that is I want to do more to live my life for Christ. My plan is to do some more consistent volunteer work as I will have more time during the week to do this work. Only God knows what else will come about.

On a random note, here is a very interesting and enjoyable article written by a friend of my family.

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