Friday, September 03, 2004

Labor Day Weekend Goodness

The week is finally winding down. This week, the third week at my new job. The last three weeks have been a trying time, but they have also been very rewarding. I am now feeling as if I am doing something that will help me in my career. It is about time. However, questions have arisen in my mind and my heart about where my life is going, and what I am doing.

I like my field. I like working where I am and I really like working with students. However, I still feel disconnected to where I am. I have been at the University of Arkansas for over a year, but I still feel new. It was not this way in college, at least after the 1 year mark. I feel as if I had my niche here at one time, but I lost it again.

Enjoy the long weekend (for those in the US). Watch some college football and celebrate the purpose for holiday on Monday. And please, do not believe the hype. The hype of the media, they hype of our President and the hype that your tv and radio is telling you to go out and purchase.

For those in Canada. Enjoy the fact that you are indeed Canadian and you share the same nationality as the Barenaked Ladies, Rick Moranis, and the characters from the Red Green show. And lets all hope the NHL will play this season.

And for those elsewhere, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend and enjoy life.

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