Monday, January 03, 2005

Always Late

I am rarely on time. Well except when it comes to work. I am usually one of the first to meetings (as if they start on time anyway) and I am usually early to class. When it comes to my personal life it is almost a miracle when I am on time. I don't know where I got this bad habit from. I know my dad has a thing about being late, but he could not be the only one from whom I learned this trait. Other than it being a bad habit, I don't horribly mind it, although it has been known to cause trouble with friends, family and Jenn. Sometimes it is cool to be late. Being "late" to the party is usually a good thing as it is incredibly awkward to be the first if it is not your party or if it is not a party at which you are helping keep the order. the point. Yes, it is already 2005 and I am three days late. I have good reason. Jenn and I (with the addition of our dog) spent New Year's in Kansas City. We are fans of Kansas City. It is a nice city with tons to do and see. For New Year's Eve we ventured to the party at the Uptown Theater that was sponsored by 97.3 The Planet radio station. We did research and decided this was a good party to go to. It was and we had a blast. We partied as much like rockstars as we can for not being actual rockstars (well minus the drugs and groupies).

Kansas City is a definite treat. And if you are thinking they are paying me to say this, no, unlike the town of Branson, MO which sent me a t-shirt for my reviews, Kansas City does no such thing. Thats a bummer.

As for the coughing mentioned in the last post, thanks for all the well wishes. I went to the doctor today. I have a nasty little virus that caused Bronchitis. I have some medicine that should help :-).

I will have more on the New Year at another time, and of course, always later than it should be.

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