Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I Guess this means...

New RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman said while addressing the Republican National Committee that "We can deepen the GOP by identifying and turning out Americans who vote for President but miss off year elections and agree with our work for a culture of life, promotion or marriage, and belief in our 2nd Amendment heritage."

So the reasoning that Mr. Mehlman gives for voting Republican is that the Republicans support a culture of life (well only when it comes to Abortion, they prefer the culture of death when it comes to war, criminals and the poor), that they support the promotion of marriage (because marriage is more valuable than fidelity, values, education, etc) and that they believe in the heritage of the 2nd Amendment (so if you support Amendment's 1 and/or 3-10 you should not be Republican, heck the other nine Amendments are irrelevant).

Mr. Mehlman further establishes the priorities of the Republican Party on the national level. One of those priorities is not people. Heck, where are the reasons to vote Republican that include balancing the budget, providing more better paying American jobs, restricting the role of government in our daily lives, etc? The Republican Party has turned into the party of homophobes and gun nuts...who would rather have assualt rifles than the freedom of speech...or at least Mr. Mehlman would like to see it that way.

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