Sunday, June 29, 2003

From Yahoo! NewsFrist Endorses Idea of Gay Marriage Ban

This is one of the few times I have been completely ashamed of one my State's Congressional Representatives. Rep. Musgrave (R-CO) has proposed a Constitutional Amendment Banning Same Sex Marriages. I have a few questions regarding this issue. My first question is: Why does there have to be a Constitutional Amendment regulating marriage? My second question is: If two homosexuals get married two thousand miles away, does it really affect us as individuals? And my final question: why has America digressed so far as to want to make an Amendment to the Constitution restricting human rights?

So maybe I am slow, but since when has the Amendments to the Constitution been a place to legislate morality? I am a firm believer in a set right and wrong. The idea of moral relativism frightens me at times. So I don’t say this a “relativist”. But I do not believe that a group of 535 people in Washington D.C. should tell me that same sex marriage is a threat to my liberty. I know a threat to my liberty when I see one. The U.S. Congress should let the American People decide that issue by themselves.

I am fired up about this issue and after a few days of working in the sun I may not be thinking straight…but when I read the Bible I know Jesus as a person who loves all of His Father’s Creations. I know Jesus as a person who hates hypocrisy. I know Jesus as a person who “hangs out” with “wrong people”. I know Jesus as the most compassionate person to ever step foot on this Earth. I do not know Jesus as a person who judges on appearance. I do not know Jesus as a person who only wants to help out a few. Because of this I can only see that I must Love others, even those who are different from me.

I hope that if this proposed Amendment comes to a vote that our representatives will see both the legal and moral implications of this Amendment and vote it down.

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