Sunday, June 22, 2003

Individual Choice

“I believe that an individual should have a greater responsibility to the rest of their society. If an individual forgets their society, they also forget about love, about the ways that love is based on relationships. The individual, if they want to be at peace with the world around them, needs to make the choice to try to see the world through another's eyes. Still, this is a decision made on the part of the individual for the sake of the meaning that is produced by the greater, complete Whole …The individual needs to take responsibility for their good and evil actions. The individual take responsibility for their passive or dynamic movements within and without a society. The individual is the building block for all spiritual and social life. The individual still has responsibility to all the other people and the world that they come in contact with, or anywhere where they exercise any sort of authority.” – Tubbs at Jazz Daddy’s Journal

Wow…I think Tubbs hits the nail on the head with this entry. I think that a problem with many of the more fundamentalist churches (at least the ones I have encountered) is that they tend not to emphasize the individual whether in regards to responsibility or the individual’s relationship with Christ. Now I do not think that is exactly what Tubbs is saying, but I think he makes a strong point for respecting the idea of being an individual in general, that the individual has a choice to make about their role in society. This is why I believe God gave us all free will. He is allowing us to make the choice. The options are many, but when it boils right down to it, it is our choice. I think this individual distinction gets lost in the day- to-day hustle and bustle of things.

Anyway… a big thanks to both Tubbs and Liz for the link. I would highly recommend reading their individual pages. They both are writers to be admired as well.

Ok…back to reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with the rest of the world…but you will find no opening of that can of worms here. ;-P

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