Sunday, December 07, 2003

Concerning things of this and that

WooHoo! My last paper of the term is due tomorrow and finals week starts on Thursday, oh the fun that is in store. This weekend has been a time of laughing, crying and studying. Ok, that is a lie, very little laughing, mostly studying and crying...the two are linked.

The weekend has not been all fun and games though. I found out on Friday night that a friend of mine from college has been diagnosed with Leukemia. It is a shock. She is young (25-26), but I understand that age really has nothing to do with it. When I spoke with her she was in very good spirits, which was very good. She seems so positive and I guess because she is young she has a much better chance of survival. I am praying for her.

As usual when I hear news of this sort, or I am stressed out for some reason or another (i.e. finals) I begin to think about life and its purpose. While studying with two of my classmates last night we got on to the discussion of religion. What was interesting is that the 3 of us come from very different places and backgrounds (although we are all within 3 years of eachother), but we all share the same "goal" for religion or church. That is: 1) We do not want to be told what to do. Rather, we want to be presented with the information, and then allowed to make the decision for ourselves. 2) We do not want something that is fake, we demand authenticity. 3) We share a common affinity for ritual, although, not ritual that de-emphasizes the Word. 4) Give or take a few instances, but we are all searching for something more that the modern chuch has been unable to provide.

Well then, I guess that it is it for now.

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