Saturday, December 13, 2003

We got snow!
There is snow on the ground...and that is wierd. I knew it snowed here before I moved, but only a few times during the winter I was told. It has already snowed twice! I wish I had a digital camera to put pictures of said snow here, maybe one day. Although, it is snows one or two inches and people don't leave their homes they raid the grocery stores the day/night before the storm and they stay put. Oh, but the people with 4x4 drive around because 4x4s help you drive in snow and ice (yes, very sarcastic here). Anyway, I've enjoyed staying inside because I have a reason to stay inside ;-P. Actually I decided to head up to campus to study for my last final! Actual studying has yet to occur, but I have high hopes!

Well, I have been walking around the last few days with a "bummed" attitude. Not really sure why...maybe it is the end of the semester, maybe it is stress, maybe it is because of the weather. All I know is that I must kick my butt and get out of it. Only a week left before I will be back in Denver. Yay! Yay! Yay!

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