Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Yet another Real World over and done

It is 11:30pm, I am sitting in my office at work, trying to do some research, and I am listening to a sweet net based Trance station. Trance energizes me like no other instrumental music. I could probably stay up for hours just on the music alone. Yes, I understand that is wierd.

I had the last class session of one of my first courses as a Graduate student today. I can finally say that I am happy I came here to Arkansas. I am still not 100% positive if the choice to go to school was the right one, but I think the choice to come to Arkansas was the right one. I am so excited to have known my classmates, my professors, and most of my coworkers. This is a nerdy thing to say seeing as how its only the first of 5 semesters, but I needed to say it nonetheless. Yes, just maybe, my feelings are influenced by the fact that as of last night the Real World: Paris show is officially done with. Goodbyes are always so wierd to watch.

On a really cool note, Matthew's House, a brand new church in Durango, CO is having a "test" service on Sunday. I so wish I could be there for it. It is so exciting to know that in July the church was just a concept, and now it is a reality. I am definetely keeping it in my prayers.

Random note to self: remember the importance of the Risen Christ today and always.

As the intense melodies fill the air in my office I can only imagine what the future will bring...

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