Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Road Paved Ordinary

A week ago at 3:30pm I hopped on a bus headed towards Colorado. At 3:45pm the next day I arrived. At 9:30am on Sunday morning I made the trip back. During the 48 or so odd hours I had an experience like no other in my life. I will not go saying that it was a life changing experience, but rather an experience that opened my eyes to things I had not seen or did not want to see. While my time in Durango was great and well worth it to spend Valentine's Day with my g/f, not all of the good things happened off the bus...

I plan on writing more on this later...but as of now a few observations:

1) Riding the bus (that is Greyhound or some other "public" bus service as opposed to a charter) is a very humbling experience. I come from a middle class background and I work in education and go to graduate school so I do not get to interact with people outside this sphere very often. The people that ride the bus are the average Americans. They are the blue collar and working class of this country. They are the waitresses in the all night diners and the construction workers who build the infrastructure of America. I thank God that I was allowed this experience so I could once again realize that not all people are in similar situations to me and the people I know.

2) Many of the people with whom I rode with were content on having nothing to do on the bus. This was amazing to see. In the world in which I live people must be occupied 24/7. It was refreshing to see this.

I had a lot of time to think and I thought about a lot. More coming in the near future...

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