Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Life is too short to be CYNICAL

Granted I can be cynical at times. However, typically my cynicism is in regards to politics and the political process. Recently I have encountered many people who are cynical about many of the things that I see as important in life. These things are: relationships, honesty, and passion. I do not really consider myself incredibly idealistic anymore as I have seen many good things and bad things in this world. However, I make a daily effort to remember that in life and the things we do in life, there is always room for improvement. I do not believe that there is any situation in life that cannot be improved in some way (whether it be a physical or more in the mind).

Even in my own life I do not feel that politics is beyond improvement. I think that politics has become a somewhat corrupt enterprise. I feel that to get elected in America one almost needs to be independently wealthy. Despite these "realizations" I do think that we can change this...as I believe with the help and support from God we as individuals can make our own situations better.

So that is my "idealistic" rant...

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