Saturday, April 24, 2004

Random Updates

A couple weeks ago I had a bird that was nesting in my dryer vent. How odd is that right? Well it was pretty annoying being woken up at 6am by a bird that I thought was flying around my house. No harm was done, the bird had not laid eggs yet. So all was good.

Also...probably not always a good idea if you live in Arkansas to tell your coworkers that a) you have been to one of the "shady" bars in town more than once. b) that you actually like said shady bar. c) the name of the "21 and up" section of said shady bar and d) that sad shady bar is actually a "dance" club.
So I come back from a an errand the other day and I see that my office door is decorated with jungle like things as the drinking area of said shady club is called the "Safari Lounge".

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