Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Ketchup Conspiracy

It all starts last night when Jenn asks me about the spelling of Ketchup or Catsup at our local grocery store Harp's. Now today it is all about W Ketchup, which is billed as "America's Ketchup". Oddly, the website of W Ketchup asks "You don't support the Democrats. Why should your ketchup? I found this all slightly perplexing so I decided to get the real story from the "un American ketchup" which would be Heinz . According to the Heinz page their ketchup is made in America and no actual Heinz family members actually work for the company. The company press release states: “In light of misleading reports, H.J. Heinz Company (NYSE:HNZ) reiterated today that neither Teresa Heinz Kerry, Senator John Kerry nor any of the Heinz trusts or endowments, either individually or collectively, holds a significant percentage of H.J. Heinz Company shares. Heinz also attests that Heinz® Tomato Ketchup sold in the United States is all-American - made at U.S. facilities in Fremont, Ohio; Muscatine, Iowa; and Stockton, California.”
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Now that I am relieved to hear that no part of the $1.19 I spend on ketchup goes to the Democrats I can go to Wal-Mart and get as much Ketchup as I like. Wait a second! If I were to reverse W Ketchup’s “You don’t support Democrats” statement and ask my self “You don’t support Republicans, why should your _____?” lets see what I get.

First, when I ask that question in regards to where I do some of my shopping I find that S. Robson Walton , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart donated money to George W. Bush. Hmm...lets try another one.
Second, when I ask that question in regards to where I bank, Arvest. What do I find? The same situation! Both John and Jim Walton of Arvest donated money to George W. Bush.
Third, I look at my cell phone company Alltel I think I am in the clear until I see that Alltel CEO Scott Ford also donated money to George W. Bush. Man I am batting zero here.
Finally, if anything is sacred it is beer right? Well I am a native Coloradoan so there is one beer that is above the rest, Coors. Well, turns out Peter Coors the Chairman of Coors and a U.S. Senate Candidate gave money to George W. Bush too. Jeez! Not even my beer is sacred!

It looks as if the places where I am spending a lot of my hard earned money have individuals at the top who give money to the people I don't support. I know its only a fraction of my money that goes towards these guys huge salaries, but still, it was my money at one time. least I'll always have my ice cream money going towards something I support.

Basically, I don’t understand the logic of W Ketchup. If there where, in fact, a portion of the money from Heinz Ketchup sales going to the Democrats, it would never outweigh the money coming from people in charge of companies like Coors, Wal-Mart and Alltel that goes to the Republicans. But more importantly, What's the big deal anyway??

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