Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Tired and Anxious

Here I sit at my desk on the verge of sleep. I’ve been awake for almost 3 hours, and I have been trying to be productive for the last 1.5 hours. That is not happening right now. The cup of coffee next to the keyboard seems as if it contains a sleep inducing chemical, not my beloved caffeine. The speakers on the computer are full of good energizing morning music from a radio station 1000 miles away near my last home. Still, my mind laughs in contempt, as its only wish now is to find a pillow. Oh, I will wake up. Maybe not in the next hour, but it will happen, and then, I promise, I will be incredibly productive. Until then…

But on a more serious note, I have applied for a full-time position at the University. I had my interview on Monday and now I wait to hear if I got the job. If I do get, I will have to work more, delay graduating with my Master’s (not a big deal because I will be working), but I will also get paid more and have full medical, dental and vision benefits again! The job may keep me in Arkansas for a little while longer, but I think Jenn and I can make it, it’s really not that bad. That is why I am a little anxious. I want to know. I feel like a kid a couple days before Christmas who wants to know what that big box under the tree contains. Is it a wonderful new toy, or is it full of new socks?

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