Friday, August 13, 2004

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
No, this is not a commercial for that new crappy soft drink; rather it is a statement that means a little more to me right now. Despite the fact that as of late I have been questioning my faith, re-questioning and questioning again, I am unable to write down exactly what I am feeling. Because of that, I choose to write what flows the easiest (no it’s not BS that flows the best, although that is close) and that is politics.

1) I thought that in this Presidential election we are supposed to just accept the military experience of both candidates. However, I guess the efforts of the Bush crew to change the subject of military careers (or lack thereof) has failed, or at least has succeed insofar as Bush’s record will no longer be spoken of. Now what we have is a discussion of Kerry’s service. Donald over at Back of the Envelope summarizes some of these attacks. What I find funny is that we are attacking a man who actually served. Despite what he did or did not do in Vietnam, we actually do know that he was there. It is amazing really. If we are going to leave the military backgrounds out of this fight, then please, by all means, but if those opposing Kerry insist on it, then Bush should be fair game in this department.

2) Alan Keyes running for Senate in Illinois….wow! I was not in favor of Hillary Clinton running in New York, and I am not in favor of Keyes running in Illinois. The whole point of representative government is to elect people who represent your interests. I would imagine Keyes is not up on the issues of concern to most of the residents in Illinois (similar to Clinton NY). This makes me think if we are going to continually have people running in states other than their own, we should think of ridding our country of the system we have now, just a thought. One of the more refreshing things I’ve found in Arkansas is that most, if not all, statewide and congressional offices are held by Arkansans. This is great because those people know the state. That is not to say people from other places do not know what is going on, but people moving into a state just to run seems a little ridiculous to me.

I am sure those who disagree would label me one of those silly liberals. Yes, I can be silly, but my liberalism is closer to the classical sense and my pragmatic thoughts have me more progressive than anything else.

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