Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Aftermath

Like the rest of the "godless liberals" out there I am slightly down after Tuesday. I've talked about it with Jenn and with my brother and my parents. But it still just does not feel right. The last time I was this down with an election was after my first real campaign volunteering experience. I was young (16) and idealistic. I believed a moderate democrat could become the first Democratic congressperson of my suburban congressional district. We lost, by a lot. At least that year we got the good news of a second term for a U.S. President I favored.

Anyway...this article from says it all The Unbearable Darkness of Being

and don't believe the hype about the youth vote being the same as 2000. We kicked butt this time. Check out Peter Levine's post about youth turnout: Youth turnout was huge

Life goes on...

Oh yeah, that whole "godless liberal" thing. Its a joke. Our wonderful "liberal media" and blog world insist that because morals and values were the big issue in this election that no "true" Christian could have voted for Kerry. I guess those "true" Christians know exactly what is written on my heart, eh?

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