Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Overtaken by Darkness

From the Northwest Arkansas Times, "Search and Rescue Buoyed by Volunteers": "'If you have a cell phone and you’re in a situation where you need help, call us. Don’t be embarrassed to call,' said Luther. On Saturday night, a team found two lost hikers and their dog at Lake Wedington who were overtaken by darkness while in the woods. They used their cell phone to call 911."
(I added the part in italics).

Jenn and I had a spiritual experience on Saturday. We were lost, but not afraid. But we were lost for a reason, and I firmly believe it was not just because we failed to take our usual flashlight, waterbottles, and daypack with us. As soon as we realized we were lost, we knew that their was a reason and that we were going to get back home safe and sound. While I do believe we are in control of our own lives, I also think that sometimes during our journey God forces us to stop and examine the situation. He does not force us to go a certain way, rather He throws up a roadblock and forces us to make a choice. I am very glad we encountered this particular roadblock.

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