Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Finally after a week the post-election depression is slowly lifting. I am now trying to concentrate my energy towards work (when I am at work, not when I am away), to school and most importantly to my personal life and health because I have been neglecting both of them recently.

Although while walking through an unnamed wholesale store owned by the World's Largest Corporation Jenn and I kept noticing items about the "faith" of GW Bush. Once again I will not say whether or not he has devouted his life and heart to Jesus, but I will say that the only outward show of faith of the man is his constantly talking about faith. He does not show his faith. He does not work for the people, rather he works for big business. He does not fight for the poor and stricken. He fights for the people with money. He does not offer his assistance to those who need it, rather he offers it to Halliburton and the wealthy of the world. He jokes about not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when at least 6 American Soldiers lost their lives today in Iraq where no weapons have been found. He argues for the sanctity of marriage when millions of people cannot afford health insurance, let alone the costs of a wedding. He argues for the sanctity of life (anti-abortion), when millions cannot afford to feed their children or themselves. He argues for decreasing taxes on the wealthy, when the minimum wage is far from livable.

He may have faith, but I sure don't see it. I know Jesus would not turn his back on these people. Jesus would be there in the streets feeding people both physically and spiritually. Jesus would be lobbying for churches to help the poor...not for churches to vote for him because he believes in the "sanctity of life" and "sanctity of marriage".

We may ask "what would Jesus do?" but we cannot ask that question witout figuring out "where did Jesus go?".

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