Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The Move

Well I am now somewhat settled in a different town in a different state and in a different part of the country. Up until now I've lived my whole life in beautiful Colorado. I love Colorado, but it was time for a change of scenery. The change for me has not just been a change of locale. Rather a change of lifestyle. For the last two years I have been dating the most wonderful woman in the world. While in Durango I never lived more than three miles from her. While we were visiting our parents in the Denver area we stayed 20 miles apart. Now we are some 900+ miles away from eachother. During the last two years we've spent much of our time together (at least seeing eachother once a day) give or take a week here and there. This will be a test of our relationship. Between now and when she gradautes from College we will learn what kind of relationship we have and whether or not it is a relationship that God wants us to continue.

This move will test my faith in ways that I cannot even imagine.

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