Friday, September 26, 2003


Now that we are all grown we know that cliques are a thing of the past right? We all live/work/go to school together in this wonderful tolerant and loving society right?

I don't believe that there is any place in the Western world where cliques do not exist. I hope for goodness sake that I am wrong. But I get that funny feeling in my tummy that I am not wrong in this statement. I loathe cliques, I always have. Maybe thats because I never fit into a clique, maybe because I am jealous of the people in the cliques I am not in. I say this becuase moving to a new place and starting school has allowed me to see the new cliques in this new place and new school. I see it even in my group of classmates. I hate it, I want to get to know all my classmates, but it seems that there are already 3 cliques, and its only a class of 21. I don't know how to break it, but maybe that will take some time. I think maybe it is in human nature to form cliques, if so we as humans need to break that. The stereotypes are so horrible in my class. I don't care about what groups these people could fall into, I just want to know them personally, not superficially. But anyway, it would be nice for the group to mesh, but maybe its too late or too early for that to happen.

On a related note I like Tubb's take on a similar issue as it relates to Christians in his entry Acknowledging fellow members of the Body

I think maybe I'll write more on this later.

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