Saturday, September 06, 2003

Thoughts on the Blogging/Journal world
I like to read other blogs way more than I like to write on this one. I am so intrigued by what some people will share with the world. Its almost like sitting in a mall people watching and being able to hear a little about what is going on inside each person's head.

On a related note, I am not sure what I would say if I met a person whose blog I read. Outside the cyber world I do not think anyone I know blogs...I wonder how my opinion of someone would be changed if I knew they blogged. I also wonder if blogging is just an exercise in vanity. Are we just people who love to hear ourselves talk (or in this case write)? Are we just doing this to boost our hurt egos? Are we trying to be the popular kids because high school was so horrible? I don't really know the answers to these questions and maybe I never will.

More blog talk

Joe over at Simple Complexities wrote a great entry title "I Love Jesus"... I recommend reading the short entry, but just in case you do not here is a little bit of it:

"Just trying to be faithful. There is nothing harder. Being faithful to God is the most difficult process that I have ever entered into. It's surprising how many people are so sure that you are not being faithful by looking at your life from afar. It is ironic that the very things they see in you as unfaithfulness are the very results of some previously scary and difficult leap of faith."

I like honesty, I like it a lot. I think that honesty (especially in regards to faith) is the main reason I enjoy blogs and journals. Honest people kick some major arse. In regards to this honesty in faith I think my favorite personal blog/journals dealing with faith(besides Simple Complexities) are from Tubbs at Jazz Daddy's Journal, Jen at Meditatio, Michelle at Mikao's World and last but not least Matt at Mystical Matt's. I cannot put into words what makes each of these people standout...they just do.

Tomorrow I get to experience my first "big time" college football game. I am very excited. "Wooooo Pig Sooie"

An end
I am still debating in my head whether or not to keep this thing (aka the blog) going. We will see, eh?

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