Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I miss the weekend. I do not live for it, but pretty darn close. My thought on work today has to deal with personal calls. Seriously, work is for work and the rest of the time is “personal”. I do not understand why one must talk to their boy/girlfriend at work for a good 10-15 minutes three times in a given work day. Nor do I understand why one must argue with the mechanic (very loudly I might add) during the time when others in the office are on the phone with customers. It is beyond me. First, I would not feel comfortable having a conversation with any of my friends about anything while I was at work… I like to have privacy…Second, I do not get paid to talk to my friends…Finally, how does it sound to customers when you are talking to a friend of a significant other??
Anyway…here is an interesting story…a burial box for James the brother of Jesus has supposedly been found: Biblical Archaeology Review . Have a great day and do not let the man get you down!

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