Friday, October 11, 2002

The last 3 days of work have been a barrell of fun...let me tell you. I sometimes really hate my "non-gen X" work ethic. I can be considered GenX and many of the people I work with are Gen X...but I feel the need to get the job done before I leave...Is this so wrong?? I also realize that I can "multi-task" better than most of the people I work with...except the guys in IT...I swear...they are always running a mile a minute. I do not really know why I insist on working my butt off when I do not get rewarded. If I worked a job that was rewarding in and of itself that would be a different story. On another note, I enjoy it when the COO is out of the gets a little more relaxed (trust me, you would not believe it). More relaxed than being able to wear t-shirts and teva's...yeah...I wouldn't believe it if I were you ;-P.
Here are two sites to check out while working Art Bell Radio Show Home and Extended Grace Blog. Art Bell has crazy pictures of ghosts and UFO's and Extended Grace is a really cool blog...well in my opinion. Have a great day at work!

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