Thursday, October 24, 2002

Today was a busy day...that was good...although everything broke at work today...the phones were down, the computers were time...let me tell you. During times like these is when my coworkers talk about a lot of non-work related things...this does not really bug me since there is not much we can do at these times, but during these times I think about why I do not really care to let my coworkers know a whole lot about me. I apologize if they take offense to me being quiet, shy or coming across as rude, but I do not think they really need to know. A couple months ago two of my family members passed away during the same weekend. I told no one at work, nor did I feel compelled to. If it does not change the way I work, it is of no importance to them. Yes, it may have been a hard time for me, but I do not consider any of my coworkers as friends. Is this so wrong?? In all reality I don't care.
On another note, I think that colleges and universities should teach the difference between urgency and importance. Many things are urgent but should they take priority over something that is far more important but not as urgent??

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