Sunday, July 06, 2003

Comings and Goings

On Friday I met with a Joe, a church planter from Georgia. He is looking to start a church for the college age crowd here in Durango. He has some great ideas for the church, and I hope and pray that it will be a light for many of the "younger crowd" in the area who don't feel that they fit with either the campus groups or the churches in town. I think that my generation really needs a more open place to discuss faith. Not a place that seems old and dusty nor a place that wants to push dogma as opposed to discussion. I am bummed that I will not be here for this great experience. But I pray that Joe finds a dedicated group to create this dynamic group. Until then, I will help as much as I can.

Rodeo time

Last night Jenn, E and I visited the local pro-rodeo and bbq. All I can say is what a great time. I am city boy, that is true, but I've been to a few rodeos before (although none this small...I used to go to the National Western Stock Show in Denver every year). Jenn and E have been to a few more living in more rural areas...but anyway...this was such a great time. The competition seemed to be great, the folks at the rodeo where very nice to the three "youngins" who were not dressed as cowboys. I am a little disappointed the the town does not support the rodeo very much. The town has its roots in railroad and agriculture...however these things have been quickly replaced by the mountain bike and the snowboard. I like tradition, and this is one tradition I hope does not die soon in Durango or any other community that holds these events.

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