Sunday, July 20, 2003

Short(ish) Update from the road

Ok, so not literally from the road...more of my parent's house. So the trip so far has gone very well. We stayed the first night in Moriarty, NM. It is a small city/town east of Alburqueque...we then drove through the panhandle of Texas...through Amarillo (wow its flat there) and stopped outside of Groom, TX to see an amazing 19 Story x 11 Story Cross. At the Cross there was an exact replica of the Shroud of Turin, a replica of the Tomb of Jesus, the Stations of the Cross, a chapel (in progress) a fountain and more. was a very powerful place to say the least. After a brief stop and visit with family in Tulsa, OK we ended up in Fayetteville at around midnight. After a couple days messing around Fayetteville (we hope that the nightlife improves during the school year) we had an "extra day" and decided to head to Kansas City, MO. The trip through the Ozarks up to KC was breathtaking. We made a few stops (Geo. Washington Carver National Monument, Precious Moments, some cave (closed) ) along the way. Upon reaching KC we ventured to Winstead's for some great burgers...I had learned about these burgers on my first visit to KC in November. In KC we also experienced some nightlife in Country Club Plaza at a place called Tom Foolery's or something like that. We also visited Union Station, Crown Center and the KC Zoo. Loads of fun all around! We then traveled to the Hays, KS area to visit more family. During the few days there we went to a county fair, watched a monster truck rally, ate funnel cakes and bierocks and caught up with family, laundry and sleep. Now Jenn and I are staying at the homes of our parents (some 20 miles of city and suburbia between us). I am a little too tired to talk more about my observations of these places and some general thoughts over the last week or so. I have decided to start up a new blog...or at least new title and layout...but that will take sometime seeing as these next couple days will be the only time I can use a computer for the next couple weeks.

So I don't forget...some of the CD's we listened to so far: Barenaked Ladies - Greatest Hits Disc One (yeah, ultimate road trip band...I cannot say it enough), Sister Hazel - Chasing Daylight (best CD I've heard in a long long time), Jewel - 0304 (We both really like the new CD...she makes some great statements on this one), Switchfoot - Beautiful Letdown (cannot say enough good things about this bad boy), A Walk to Remember Soundtrak (loads of memories already...this trip just adds more), Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces (as we drove through Texas...sort of an homage to them and their exercise of Free Speech), Red Hot Compilation (who knew a found for free compilation would hold so many cheesy 80's love songs?) ....

As for now that is all. :-)

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