Wednesday, July 02, 2003

From the Durango Herald: City Council Opposes Patriot Act.

I'll admit it. I am a little worried about the impact of the Patriot Act on our civil liberties. I do not like the federal government having that much power over its citizens. However, I think that it is ridiculous for a my city council to pass a resolution against the Patriot Act. Whether they agree with it or not has no importance to me. We did not vote for them because of "national issues". We voted for them so they would increase the availability of affordable housing, help create jobs, better the Campus/Town relationship, protect our open spaces etc... I think that if we have a problem with the Patriot Act we should take that to Congress. We should get rid of our Congressmen and Congresswomen who voted for it. For our representative democracy to work (as Dr. Ken Dolbeare said in class) "we must think locally and act globally", not think locally act locally. I think this is another instance where the council and some of the citizens of Durango view the town as its own independent little free loving entity in a big ol' world.

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